Sarah - 2 Barn, 4 Dager

By: Rotterdam ( km)

Barn: Emma (3), Charlie (1)

fra 17-09-2019

til geen einddatum


Mandag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Tirsdag van 08:00 tot 18:30.

Onsdag van 15:30 tot 18:30.

Fredag van 15:30 tot 18:30.

Beskrivelse (min. 200):

We, Thomas and Sarah, are a French family living in hillegersberg for a little bit more than a year. We have 2 lovely daughters, Emma and Charlie, of 3 years and 10months old. Our family also includes 2 cats (lilou and corsica). We live in a beautiful house with garden in a quite street and pleasant neighborhood. Emma goes to the American school since last October so she is feeling more confortable with the English language. It is time to go back to work for both parents and we would keen for help. I will work 4 days a week. Emma goes to school every day from 8am to 3.30pm. Charlie goes to kindergarden 2 days a week (Wednesday and Friday) on same hours What are looking for? A lovely nanny able to take care all day of Charlie and able to play, reading stories, making some crafts, walking outside or other funny activities with Emma after school and give them the bath at the end of the day. We would need a nanny from 8am to 6.30pm on Monday and Thursday to keep Charlie and pick up Emma at 3.30pm And pick up the girls at 3.30pm from school and keep them til 6.30pm on Wednesday and Friday.


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